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Salad Dressing for the Lettuces from Sweetwater Farm

Put in one (small) part of good balsamic vinegar, two parts virgin olive oil, three parts (or more if needed) orange oil (recipe follows). Add a teaspoon or so of mustard. The mustard is a key ingredient in the outcome, but you may find other alternatives to these two which both work: Inglehoffer stone ground mustard (sold at Publix, where shopping is sometimes oppression) or Moutarde en Grains Old Fashioned Dijon Mustard (which was actually cheaper, but is farther away which brings up issues of gasoline usage, the atmosphere, and so on). Then add about one part each of fresh lemon and fresh orange juice. Stir it up and taste it. That is the only way to see if you need more orange oil, mustard or orange juice. You can figure it out.

When the flavors have been joined to perfection (or near perfection), pour the dressing over your organic lettuces fresh from Sweetwater Farm and enjoy!

Orange Oil

Remove the zest of three beautiful, organic oranges and put it in a bowl containing two cups of a very light oil (there is a rumor that canola is REALLY bad for you, which comes as such a surprise). Let the oil sit for two days (not refrigerated), strain out the zest and refrigerate.

Check it out!