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Tymecard: Chapter 1

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away was found the Kingdom of Nhumbers. This kingdom was ruled by the Khard family - the king, Business Khard, his wife, Greeting Khard, and their daughter, Thyme Khard. This was an orderly kingdom.

The kingdom military was, however, in a state of confusion. In the kingdom of Nhumbers, the military commander, who is always referred to as The Charge, was having a difficult time getting the troops of the Nhumbers army to line up and/or even to appear in their proper order for the bi-weekly pageant. Some of the troops did not even report to The Charge for rehearsal at the agreed upon moment. The pageant was to celebrate the twice monthly event of Thyme Khard's lessons in the art of ruling over the Nhumbers and The Charge, in particular, as her duties as one-day Queen would require such.

Oh woe...what was to be done? If The Charge couldn't get the Nhumbers right before the big pageant, King Khard would be so distressed...and if the ruthless overseer, Peyrolle, got wind of this problem, he might deduct wages from the men. Alas...alas. The Charge, above all else, did not want King Khard to think of him as a dummy...

We, as ancestors across the cosmos, must, once again, prove our worth. Let us demonstrate that those lessons learned long, long ago and far, far away have not been forgotten and that we still remember!

Tymecards are due Friday by 3:00. As you know, you will not be paid in money and you are responsible for your own life benefits