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Emotional Weather Report

By Christine O'Brien

Emotional Weather Report illustration by Christine O'Brien'
Illustration by Christine O'Brien
I am sorry that your life is such a struggle now. I sure know how that feels. I wish I had a wise thing to say, as I always at least try to offer something that might, in even a small way, help.

I don't know how to help, even myself, much of the time. It is a great frustration to someone like me who wanted, at one time, to have ultimate power for 45 minutes. (You no doubt remember those long hours I spent thinking of which native plant would take the place of each barky dog.)

Now I know that I know nothing, which is a great relief. I've been going along all these years thinking that I somehow had to figure out nearly everything. Now I know that it would just take way too long and I will never have time to do it, that even if I could figure it all out, there are so many more interesting things to do. I feel released in some way.

I urge you to feel the same release from figuring it all out, knowing, of course, that you still have to figure it out day to day for your own life, which is already nearing way too much figuring out for many of us. I hope you can manage to have one moment of delight in every day, if only for that second. Make that second brilliant. On days when you cannot make your brilliant second, light a candle and watch it, for even just a second, and you will have added light to the world.