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Tymecard: Chapter 9

We now rejoin our travelers and the adventure in progress.......

We escaped the Tymecard bandits and came out of light speed into an incredible place.

When our speed reduced enough for us to see what was around us, through the viewscreen we saw hundreds of one-man "crafts" flying around a small nearby planet. It appeared this was the mode of travel on this little world (like cars on earth). As we approached closer, we were absolutely amazed to see that these "crafts" were actually very much like flying carpets....a flat rectangular shaped "mat" of some sort. There was no visible means of propulsion - no "outboard", if you will. We simply had to investigate this further.

We assumed a low orbit around the planet and teleported to the surface. We were greeted warmly by the inhabitants. They looked very much like earthlings with the exception that their whole bodies were very, very......almost translucent and they had extremely long manes of fine silken hair. We explained what had happened to us and that we were trying to find our way home. We also asked about the flying carpets - could we see one up close? could we fly one? We were taken to a nearby "carpet mill outlet" where we got to see the carpets up close and personal and to our amazement, the carpets were made of Tymecard! Awesome! You simply cannot imagine our surprise! As to the propulsion method, as we do not have much equipment for studying this phenomenon, we can only assume something in this planet's atmosphere enables the carpets to fly - like magic! We all immediately teleported back to the transport and got some of our Tymecard out of the storage hold. We were going flying!!!

Absolutely too much fun right now........later.

Tymecards are due Friday by 3:00. As you know, you will not be paid in money and you are responsible for your own life benefits