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Tymecard: Chapter 3

When we last visited the kingdom of Nhumbers, all were preparing for the arrival of Boris & Prudence and their entourage of Spaians. The royal visit and festivities were going well (even the Spaians were behaving themselves for a change) when the royal carrier pigeon brought word of the impending arrival of an unexpected guest from the neighboring kingdom of East Ess.

Now the loyal subjects in the kingdom of Nhumbers enjoy a happy existence - perhaps the happiest of all the kingdoms - but the subjects of East Ess are not so fortunate. They are ruled by the most evil of all rulers - Thamm.

Thamm has great expectations and very little patience with her subjects...she expects undivided attention and prompt perfection in all things. Penalties for failure to satisfy Thamm's desires are heavy....heavy indeed. The subjects of E. Ess live under great stress.... even for their very lives.

King Business was beside himself with worry. He knew in the eyes of Thamm, E. Ess, his kingdom would appear too casual and his subjects too happy. The Spaians were making arrangments for an immediate departure back to Spa....Queen Greeting suddenly wanted to journey to The Great Queen's home far away (in order to miss Thamm's visit) appeared everyone wanted to be elsewhere. Peyrolle, the overseer, could not force calm on the worried subjects of Nhumbers.

Thamm, E. Ess, was coming to the kingdom of Nhumbers!

Tymecards are due Friday by 3:00. As you know, you will not be paid in money and you are responsible for your own life benefits