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Tymecard: Chapter 10

She came, she was!

The visit of Thamm, E Ess, was everything and more than the kingdom of Nhumbers thought.

She was a beauty to behold - all of the subjects agreed - far more beautiful than they could have imagined. But behind that lovely facade lived another being...a being far more wicked than mere words could describe. She was cold, ruthless, demanding, and evil. Her personal entourage cowered in her presence, their eyes downcast, waiting, in SUSPENSE, for her next demands. Nothing, but nothing, was exactly to her liking.....the Nhumbers didn't line up correctly on parade, the Charge gave orders not to her liking, everyone and everything fell short.

King Business and Queen Greeting did all in their power to please her - extra handmaidens, the freshest and most exotic of foods, the most lavish gifts - all were bestowed upon Thamm but no one could warm her cold heart........and then she met Thyme. Thyme is a great beauty as well with an inward soul just as lovely. The subjects of Nhumbers have always loved and adored Thyme and Thamm became ever so aware of the difference. She softened her ways in the presence of Thyme.

I shan't keep you in SUSPENSE any longer - all of the Nhumbers - the King, the Queen, the Charge, Thyme, and even ruthless Peyrolle were delighted when Thamm's visit was concluded and she and her entourage left the gates of the kingdom. But all would remember how Thamm, E Ess, had changed for those moments when she was in the company of Thyme....and all agreed there may be hope for the subjects of the kingdom of East Ess - if only..............

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