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Tymecard: Chapter 6

I am happy to report that the supply of Tymecard we received, to help absorb the toxicwaste swirling around in the wormhole, was of a sufficient amount to do the job. It would appear from the portals that the waste is all but gone now. We should all be grateful to the residents of Saicon for inventing such a wonderful certainly saved many galaxies from this potential threat.

One of the attributes of Tymecard that was discovered during the toxic waste scare is its ability to provide protection against radiation. We are, therefore, having the technicians here at the portal install massive sheets to the surface of our transport. That Tymecard is amazing stuff!! There's just no telling how many uses we may find for this material as time goes on.... In light of that fact, we have loaded the cargo area on the transport with Tymecard.

I am happy to also report that, according to the EWW (Exceptional Wormhole Wayfinder), our trip to the kingdom is now being planned and we will be on our merry way to the kingdom very soon. As you can imagine, with space travel through wormholes, advance preparation is extremely important and essential to a successful jump through space, so it will take a little time to set up the proper coordinates/timing.

We are all very busy in preparation for our departure from the portal so more later......

Tymecards are due Friday by 3:00. As you know, you will not be paid in money and you are responsible for your own life benefits