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Tymecard: Chapter 8

Nhumbers Shuttle to Earth.....Nhumbers Shuttle to Earth.....

We were on our way to a near planet in this unusual star system when we were set upon by an unknown spacecraft. It was firing energy bursts at us which we, of course, repelled successfully with our protective shields. It was very odd - the bursts were aimed at all parts of our craft except the flags of Tymecard we had unfurled to send you messages - the bursts were actually avoiding the flags.

We were using evasive techniques to avoid the bursts when the unknown craft hailed us. It was only through the grace of our technotranslator that we could understand what they wanted. The original message came out - "Surrender your sails immediately or we will disable your craft. You have one arn."

Our technotranslator gave us this message - "Surrender your sails immediately or we will disable your craft. You have one arn."

We didn't know what our "sails" were (and what the heck is an "arn"?), but after putting some thought into it, decided they meant the flags we had constructed of Tymecard. These were obviously space "pirates" after a commodity that, in this star system, was evidently incredibly valuable. We figured we could give up the Tymecard, as we had more stowed away to construct new flags.

Our engineer informed us we could make a jump to light speed right after we jettisoned the flags and get away.....they would never be able to follow or find us...

It seemed a reasonable plan and it was a unanimous decision to go for we go!!!!!!!...........

Tymecards are due Friday by 3:00. As you know, you will not be paid in money and you are responsible for your own life benefits