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Tymecard: Chapter 2

As you will remember, the last time we visited the kingdom of Nhumbers in the galaxy far, far away, the troops were having difficulty getting themselves in order....I am happy to report they did, finally, get their positions right for the twice monthly pageant for Thyme Khard's lessons.

Word has been received, by King Business Khard, from the neighboring land of SPA. Boris & Prudence, who govern the land of SPA, would be making a sojourn to the kingdom of Nhumbers, bringing with them a significant amount of confusion. (They always seem to travel with unruly characters.) Every effort must be made to try and keep these bewildered beings in line - Queen Greeting Khard cannot have these unruly SPAians creating havok during the royal events. What, oh what, is to be done to curtail this confusion?

The ruthless overseer, Peyrolle, has visited the King and Queen to discuss the dreaded upcoming arrival of Boris & Prudence and their entourage of SPAians. It will require the efforts of all the Nhumbers to ensure a smooth event - even from those of us far, far away across the cosmos. Peyrolle has informed the royal family that the rowdy SPAians will be kept in any cost. We shall see.

Tymecards are due Friday by 3:00. As you know, you will not be paid in money and you are responsible for your own life benefits